Friday, March 23, 2012

In Hands

My Grandfather & I

In hands not unlike my own
Strength and courage were openly shown
In hands gripped with love
Patiently awaiting the good Lord up above

Life, in the beginning, is vulnerable, beautiful, deemed innocent, and true. As it is in the beginning it is also in the end. At birth our souls are born into the physical world. As death ensues, it is in actuality, a re-birthing of our souls into the spiritual realm. There is beauty in dying, there is truth. We are again vulnerable in each breath we take. Innocence, through Grace, restored.

It is in hands of the dying we learn about life. It is in hands of the dying we see the ego fade. Though the body may be weak, each breath a struggle, strong is the interlocking embrace in hands. Throughout life we will hold the hands of many. Hands of parents, children, family, friends, strangers, and lovers.  Each hand offering characteristics each their own. Take not for granted the power held in hands.

In hands, find peace
In hands, share love
In hands, show praise
In hands, find strength
In hands, united be

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