Friday, March 23, 2012

In Hands

My Grandfather & I

In hands not unlike my own
Strength and courage were openly shown
In hands gripped with love
Patiently awaiting the good Lord up above

Life, in the beginning, is vulnerable, beautiful, deemed innocent, and true. As it is in the beginning it is also in the end. At birth our souls are born into the physical world. As death ensues, it is in actuality, a re-birthing of our souls into the spiritual realm. There is beauty in dying, there is truth. We are again vulnerable in each breath we take. Innocence, through Grace, restored.

It is in hands of the dying we learn about life. It is in hands of the dying we see the ego fade. Though the body may be weak, each breath a struggle, strong is the interlocking embrace in hands. Throughout life we will hold the hands of many. Hands of parents, children, family, friends, strangers, and lovers.  Each hand offering characteristics each their own. Take not for granted the power held in hands.

In hands, find peace
In hands, share love
In hands, show praise
In hands, find strength
In hands, united be

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


All through life you ridiculed me
You never did understand
I never expected you to
You were drawn to me
Yet very frightened
On the outside I looked the same
Inside I was very different
My uniqueness glowed through my skin
And beamed out of my eyes
It shone on your innermost thoughts and feelings
You could feel me penetrating
Deeper into your soul
I tried to guide you
You shoved me away
I tried to hold you
You ran away
You kept on running all your life
Untl..You came to my garden
There was no way out
This was it
You had to face me
You laid in my meadows
Ran through my fields
Splashed in my brooks
Bathed in my streams
Once you found me
Nothing was the same
Once you accepted me
You could deal with your shame
You loved me
I am strong and true
all the while
I always lived in you

The River

A river swiftly moving
Gracefully inviting you into dangerous waters
Naked and vulnerable you enter
Placing one foot in after the other
Rocks slippery and dull beneath you
Your body and the spirit of the river become one
Waves splashing all around
Undertows grasping at your legs
Taunting you with fear
Long forgotten secretes unlocked and flowing
Released from subconscious vaults
Appreciation for life invades
Tearing down walls of misery and defeat
New found strength races throughout your body
The banks of this most mysterious river
Become closer with each breath
Energy envelops you
Whilst swimming against strong currents
Grasping onto dry land
You shake with love and gratitude
Knowing and accepting
The precious gift you have received

Seven Sputterings

Seasons come and seasons go
Relentless the wind does blow
Looking up, looking down, and all around
Grateful for my feet are planted in solid ground

A veil of naivete has covered my eyes
As the veil falls truth ever present is of no great surprise
Blinded by the misconception that humanity holds integrity
Stripped away by the perils of our frailty..
Beauty and peace is found in embracing our divinity

It is in the darkness .. we learn to see light..
Through the moments that take our breath away .. we learn to breathe
That moment we stop running..we feel our heart beat
After pain has left us cold ..we learn to appreciate the warmth
And it is when we are at our weakest..we find courage and strength

~If I were a bird I'd fly through the sky~
~Chirping praise like the angels on high~
~Though my bones may be frail and small~
~I know Your grace wlll save me from the fall~

Bright eyes ..Pretty smile
Flawless in awkward style
Grace and beauty in poise
Screaming without making a noise..
Strong is the woman inside the girl..
Like the weight of the ocean on the precious pearl..


~Smiles and tears..Hopes and fears~
~Carried with us through the years~
~Cherish the memories..Let go of the worries~
~Hold on to those we love..Let your fire burn and rise above~

A Step Away

Sun shining high and proud
Glitter scattered covering the ground
Searching high, Searching low
Nothing could prepare me for what I did not know
So much to say, So much I feel
Silence overtaking me to the ground as I kneel
It is a peaceful place, a quiet place
Only a step away from life's great race

Wind rustles through tree tops as they sway
Like a babbling creek to me they speak
As if to say . .
Look up and take notice at the beauty surrounding you
Vision becoming clearer as the picture grows bigger
Though the air below is stifling and still
Beyond the tree tops see according to His will

Grey clouds passing through hiding the sun you once knew
Drops of rain falling randomly here and there
Like teardrops from Heaven
As you hear my prayer

Lord I seek thee and all that is right
I pray for patience, courage and wisdom three
As I journey onward through the fight
Casting away all that is cold, frozen with irreverence
Embracing the warmth and luminescence of my soul
Striving to make a difference in humanity
Individually and collectively whole